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The First Omen Streams This Week—Here’s an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip

A behind-the-scenes image of The First Omen.

A behind-the-scenes image of The First Omen.
Image: Fox

When 2024 ends, it may end up being one of the best years for horror movies ever. The summer season is stacked with potentially frightening fare and the early months were incredibly spooky as well. So far, the highlight has been The First Omen, a cool, creepy legacy prequel that is available to watch on demand now, and streaming later this week.

Directed and co-written by Arkasha Stevenson, The First Omen is the rare film based on an older, popular property that actually lives up to that legacy. It’s a prequel to 1976’s The Omen and uses all that devilish history to spin a very cool, scary, gross period mystery.

Here, in an exclusive clip from the home release extra features, io9 is excited to debut a clip of Stevenson talking about the mystery behind Margaret, the main character played by Nell Tiger Free. Check it out.

“Journey of Margaret” First Omen Clip

“Journey of Margaret” First Omen Clip

That clip and more is available on the film’s digital release, which is available starting today, May 28. Later this week, on May 30, the film hits streaming exclusively on Hulu. Then, physical media collectors can rejoice as the DVD and Blu-ray are out on July 30, with limited edition packaging available.

In a year that will probably be known for its horror, if half the movies are as good, scary, gross, and smart as The First Omen, we’re going to be very happy. Check out the film this week.

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