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How to Dance with Google – Dealing with SERP Volatility

  • How to Dance with Google   

Excerpt from Marketing Insider Group

SERP volatility can be an issue. You might think you have Google all figured out because you’re near the top of the rankings for multiple terms, only to see it all disappear overnight. These fluctuations can be a nightmare, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the impact they have on your success.

You’ll have to dance with Google to avoid significant SERP fluctuations. This guide will explain SERP volatility and offer information on adapting and thriving despite Google’s unpredictable nature.

Quick Takeaways

  • Learning how and why fluctuations in SERPs occur is vital.

  • You’ll need to adapt to these changes by altering your content and SEO strategies.

  • Significant data is available to help you uncover patterns.

  • Having an authoritative website with diverse content types helps you navigate volatility.

  • Working with Google, rather than against it, enables long-term success.

Understanding SERP Volatility

SERP volatility describes the degree of fluctuation on search engine results pages for specific terms. When volatility is high, search results for a particular query change frequently.

This volatility impacts website rankings and visibility as your content experiences a shift in its position within the SERPs. Reasons for SERP volatility include search engine algorithm changes and increasing keyword competition. The influence of current events and mediocre quality signals could also be factors.

SEMrush’s Sensor tool measures SERP volatility on a scale of one to ten. On a typical day, volatility falls between two and five on this scale, with highly volatile days going much higher.

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Monitoring SERP volatility and adapting your strategies is vital to maintaining search visibility. You’ll have to do this dance with Google to maximize its immense power.

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