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Boy in Washington state gets more than $1000 in donations after stranger stiffs him with a fake $100 bill

“Over the summer, an 11-year-old Jeremy spent his allowance money to set up a lemonade stand on Beverly Blvd. As he worked in the sun trying to earn a little extra spending money, he was approached by the pictured suspect, who offered him a 100-dollar bill for a drink but asked for exact change,” Everett Police said in a Facebook post.

Jeremy used all his allowance money to give the man $85 dollars in change, only to later find out that the $100 dollar bill was fake when he went to a local gas station to buy something and was left with no allowance money.

However, this sad story does have a good ending.

When a neighbor of the family found out what happened to Jeremy, she helped organize a GoFundMe account for him that has so far raised more than $1,800.

Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect to please call (425) 257-8450, or to send a Facebook message.

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