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Russians Are Tipping Off Ukraine To Putin’s Plots To Kill Zelensky

Russian spies who oppose the invasion of Ukraine have tipped off the Ukrainians three times to plots to kill Zelensky.

Russian double agents have stopped plots to kill Zelensky, “Ukrainian national security chief Oleksiy Danilov told a Ukrainian television network that double agents from Russia’s Federal Security Service or FSB warned them of the attempts. “I can say that we have received information from the FSB, who do not want to take part in this bloody war, and thanks to this, the Kadyrov elite group was destroyed, which came here to eliminate our president.”

Zelensky’s status as a global cult hero has to be driving Putin crazy, which is why he is using one of his favorite tactics of assassinating his opposition. There are many Russians who don’t want the war with Ukraine, and Americans have seen similar lower-stakes situations play out during the Trump administration, as people within the government worked to stop Trump from within.

Putin is not only fighting Ukraine. He is battling his own people.

Internationally, President Biden has been making sure that Ukraine gets US intelligence within minutes, as there are people worldwide, including in Russia, who are working to stop Putin and his deadly invasion.

Even Russians are fighting against Putin in Ukraine.

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